Often in our lives we come to this position when we feel like we are alone. Mostly it is our own perception that makes you feel like that.  We always want ourselves to be in that position where we never feel this loneliness, However this loneliness also makes you stronger, and gives you more time to love yourself and gain a better insight about yourself.  Life is beautiful but most beautiful is you because you are a part of the system of the world,  and your presence makes this world beautiful!  Love yourself you are special you are unique and you are that girl who makes a man’s heart beat . You deserve the moments of happiness in your life and you deserve to wipe your eyes because your tears doesn’t suits on your eyes well . There will be those moments there will be those people who will never be able to treat you with respect but you being a women is a model of respect and pride. Never put yourself down for the scars you have maybe in your heart or in your arms, It doesn’t matter because these scars are the signs that how long you have fought in this battle  and won it to be here  be proud to be a survivor  be proud that you are special  don’t let anyone treat you less than what you deserve

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