Look Around Yourself.


Look around yourself, every part of the nature has something that you can learn for your life. A tree, teaches you to stand through all the changing spheres of life good bad and everything, he stands through the storms strong he bends but he never breaks . The Sun teaches you to follow your tracks of life no matter how hard the situation is. no matter how much cloud of darkness and depression has covered your life. you still have to follow on  because ultimately in the end the sun will rise again, and so you will also rise again through all darkness . The wind teaches you to be stronger and blow even through all the hurdles of life  In this world our life goes through those phases where presence of a few people in our life can break you away but take inspiration from the wind that time  he never stops no matter how much he is covered with  No matter how strong object blocks his way he still blows . You are beautiful you are a survivor you are the gift of this nature who makes this world beautiful  like the fragrance of the flower in a garden. Remember be like the tree if a tree can stand tall through all the storms so can you do it too  . Its always ok to bend sometimes but breaking is not an option especially for you 



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