You’re a Survivor!

You are a survivor  you survived the darkness to stand at the peak of self respect today . Someone tried to destroy you but see They failed. Right here, right now its you today standing out here alone and look at your victory yourself.  you surviving and you have won because you never gave up in your life . The one who should be ashamed off are those person who judged you who tried to destroy you, however, they failed because you are still that person who still laughs rolling on the floor watching your favorite comedy movie,  you are still that young person who loves to eat their favorite foods. You are still that young person who looks in the mirror and find themselves still more beautiful everyday  No one can ever break a your courage and determination.  You are the one who is the source of tremendous power  you are the one who can be described as the “beauty and the beast” because it all lies in you still  You still have that spark that presence and that glory which makes you,an inspiration. You are the survivor  YOU ARE THAT SURVIVOR WHO STANDS AT THE PEAK OF THE MOUNTAIN AND LOOKS DOWN ON THOSE WHO FAILED TO DESTROY YOU.  THEIR FAILURES WILL BURN THEM, AND YOU WILL STAND ON THE PEAK OF THE MOUNTAIN BECAUSE YOU WON THIS!  YOU DESERVE THE RESPECT THAT WE GIVE TO YOU  BECAUSE YOU ARE PERSON YOU ARE A SURVIVOR A PROUD SURVIVOR! 

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