We are alive!

We are alive! even though some days were extremely hard but we made it through. So much about our life depends upon the way we take it.  I know there are pains I know there are moments that makes you cry, that makes you to just bend on you knees hide your face and cry hysterically. But most importantly through all of those days we learn something we learn experience that helps us to wipe someone Else’s eyes when we see them at the same position . Life is not that hard if we just learn to take our bad days as a part of our lessons of life . I know you had a very bad past and I will never compare that to anyone  I know you cried a lot many times maybe even thought of giving up but through all of it you survived  because you were meant to experience some hard days so that you can be a teacher to million others. Today with your own experience of life you are filling a million more people a smile of hope in their face you are wiping their eyes . Isn’t that extremely beautiful? You are a teacher who is so wonderful that you are helping so many people to survive today . I know lovely people life is hard but since we are here together lets dance and make it large . So that the coming generation will remember us and our teachings forever  they will take inspirations from our lives and hence we will be alive forever.   you are special  remember it forever!

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