We always come across the birds, Some of them even comes from the different part of the world and will return back there again with the end of the certain periods, However what remains forever with us is the wonderful few seconds when we get the chance to see them . We never know if she will return again maybe we will never be able to see her again all our life but what we do have is the moments of our memory with them… Life is similar to this, We come across people in our lives who gives us a few moments that we rejoice forever even if those moments were for a very small part of our life . Sometimes they deliberately comes so close to touch our hearts that we want them to be in our lives forever but most times they have to leave and when they leave, They leave us with this question of will we ever see them again?? In our life we made promises several times to stay on with someone but we realized that wheels of life took them far away from us  We lost people in our lives sometimes we lost those people whom we can never in our heart thought they will leave  But through all of these we do have to remember even if they have went far far away and even if we will never be able to see them again but they have left us with wonderful memories that will stay alive forever  and when you will think of those memories smiles will come to your heart because you know you were lucky enough to be a part of those memories. There will come those moments when their image will slowly fade away in your mind you wont be able to recognize their face in your mind but you will always remember the unforgettable moments.  People come in our lives because they have to go stay forever in our hearts .

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