People Come in Our Lives because they have to Go.

People come in our lives because they have to go . Once they leave they will never come back maybe that is the hard part of life  But through all these darkness of racing thoughts of not being able to see that person again we forget this that this person has kept some immortal memories of their presence in our soul  in our heart  which now deeply resides in ourselves . People will not remain forever in our lives but what will remain forever is the moments of their wonderful presence in our lives . Most importantly the person lives in you now . Suppose you make a picture of a peacock with around 3000 gravels and suddenly it breaks, now you can again make that peacock with use of just 300 gravels yes it won’t be that much perfect but still enough to give a rough shape . That is how people live inside us even if they are gone through the collection of their memories we keep them alive . I know you might have lost some people in your life whom you want to get back in your life again but in fact you forget this that you still have them in your soul they are living happily and your love your presence and those few wonderful memories have kept them alive in our souls. Love to everyone 

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