You are a part of a larger purpose

Having spirituality is very important, even if you are mad at your creator. Believing in a higher power, whether it be Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, or some other entity who loves and watches over us, can give us new perspective. Are you still a creator hater? Than outline your own morals and make your own book. I highly encourage, everyone to get in touch with their spiritual side. Horrible things may happen.  When you have hope and faith that you will again see a brighter day, that you are a part of a larger purpose you will be lifted. The day I began to truly know that there was some thing watching over me was the day I got into a car accident.

Testimony by Michelle- I could have been killed. My car was totaled, however the only injuries I sustained were a broken foot a seat belt burn and a small heart on the surface of my skin on my left elbow. I must explain the heart has always been a religious symbol to me. It represents what is right with the world. , love is worth living for, and it appeared to me forever imprinted on me, reminding me that yes I have been through hell but I have protectors and it was not my time. Not yet. And until then I will live on, I will survive. So many miracles happen we just have to believe and know they do!

The day I realized Jesus Christ was my Lord and saviour. I was sitting with my now husband. We were discussing our thoughts on religion. I grew up Christian. I loved being the visitor in churches. I visited many different types of churches. Listening intently. Even visiting a synagogue. Wich was amazing.   However, as god intended. I couldn’t understand Jesus quite yet.

Then Brandon said 7 words, just 7 words that began my understanding.

“Jesus is god, and god is Jesus,” he said this so frank.

Without doubt. Immediately a vail was lifted. The ah ha moment, the roger that sir! This  went off in my head. And Im not kidding I had a vision of Jesus peeking out behind a large, green, bush. He was waving and smilling?  So peaceful! And in my thoughts I could finally understand him. He truly spoke. And he said this to me.

“I have been here the whole time… ASSHOLE!.”

Through so much he was there? For me? Yes! The whole time.

I apologize if the cursing offended. However, I can only say this.  Jesus knows many languages.  He knows how to reach us. And well.. He was right.

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