Your Past was the Fuel


Your past was the fuel, that helped you decorate a wonderful present and future for yourself.  Life depends on your perception towards it. Live everyday as if it is the last day of your life and you need to enjoy this last day at its fullest and fulfill all your wishes. Thinking about complexities of life will only drag you more deep into it.  Let’s be honest , friends no one will ever come alive from this game of life  so why not let’s do some dance and enjoy the moments we are alive ?  With every passing seconds your losing one chance to enjoy your life so don’t waste any moment. Don’t enjoy the drizzle outside watching it from your bedroom window, just go out there and enjoy the rain  that is what this life wants.  Follow your heart and always cherish the little child inside you. That little child always wants to enjoy but we have shut her down in the complexities of life so open her up let the child come out Dance in the rain sing in sun cook for fun and laugh and run  You have got one chance to live and honestly minutes are finite in this life  so please don’t let your PAST ruin your NOW and your FUTURE  have a good life. Everyone  take care!

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