Get your concentration back

After one realizes they have experienced sexual abuse. (which may take a bit of time) their mind goes insane. As they go over horrendous images, thoughts, or smells are all triggers in an survivors head. thoughts of suicide murder, all seem logical in some strange way. The pain and hurt sweep over you like a tsunami. Devastating you and changing you forever. Thankfully, this change only makes us stronger, wiser, and able to connect with people on a level deeper than the non survivor. During this time concentration is lost, and will be gained back with activities of skill, or patients.

To get your concentration back on track play games of skill. Also, crafts like Mandala help too. Mandala are beautiful picture’s you can color. This will hone your concentration abilities, and keep you occupied. Also your concentration can be so bad that you can’t read this well……Go Play some games, color a maṇḍala! Figure out a maze!

Take a break from the barbiturate pill maze (not your anti depressants) and check out this blog to calm them nerves! This blog has many healing brain mazes! http://mazeaday.wordpress.com/. Playing games can distract you and hone the brains mental awareness in ways that will calm and improve the concentration. To those who do not know what this is like I can explain. The attack can replay in the mind so much that these horrible thoughts or memories will intrude on everyday life. These intrusive thoughts can even distract one so much that driving or even reading can become impossible.

To gain back your senses playing games help! Find one that you enjoy and just let that inner child out. Practice concentrating there. Than bring it to the real world. Who knows you might be able to enjoy T.V again, or understand a teacher’s lesson, just by playing a few simple games.

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