This Day might have Made you Cry.

This day might have made you cry.  it might have given you few tears on your eyes. In the end of all it still has called its end with a glow of a pearl . Yes this night is about to end and with the end a new dawn to begin. Life gives us several reasons to feel bad to feel sad for the moments we lost  for the friends we lost for the love we lost  but we never give our soul enough respect for this that it still stayed with us through all . Why do we suffer pains in life?? One big reason is because we are selected to laugh in life  to enjoy the laughter we also need to drop some tears because if we don’t drop those tears how will we ever understand the beauty of the laughter ?? Life is full of pains and happiness, yes it is true that most part of it we spend in pain this is because when we get happiness in life no matter how hard the scars are we still never fail to laugh and enjoy those moments . My lovely friends life is beautiful never give up on it especially because without you the world would lose 1 beautiful angel . goodnight lovely friends.

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