Blessing beads


My jewlery has always beenĀ  important to me, rings necklaces I would ware not only were fashionable but made me feel as though I was protected. my tiger eye necklace I wore for years before it broke. Now I have personally empowered My wedding ring. It reminds me that I’m loved and that most importantly I know how to love. Not like the past. We can all grow and achieve this, but until we can love ourselves we will always struggle.

This is a wonderful way to fight addiction, cutting, or just negative thoughts. Wear a bracelet with smooth beads.
I like to use precious stones. My favorite stone is rose quartz, and tiger eye.
Rose Quarts is for self love; Tiger’s Eye is for strength; jade is for luck and money.
Every time you feel a negative energy, take the bracelet off, rub each stone, and think of your blessings.
It may be hard at first… but soon, you will be able to see all your blessings. remember them because life is about collecting good memories!

Michelle McMaster

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