Kicking Ass and Taking Names!

Taking self defense classes can instill a survivor with more power. Remember, the more one practices the defences moves, the more likely a defense move will work. Practice a move 1,000 times and then a thousand more. See what happens then. Judo Is my favorite form of martial arts. it’s all about joint manipulation, and braking. This is the most effective training to win a life or death situation. In the army our hand to hand combat was judo based. Yell Fire! not help, or police. People will look faster for a fire. Sadly, Help and police (mostly police) do not work as well. Yelling police actualy may, in the mind a potetential good semariten, put the responsibilty of helping on to the police. People may think “thats not me! The call is for the police.”, So yelling fire in all reality will get you a quicker response. People always what to look for a fire. they may even bring marshmallows. Be careful using pepper spray the wind may change and effect you, rather than your assailant. when using pepper spray, spray and run the opposite direction. tazers are not usually the most effective, because you must get close, and that may leave you open. the sound of the tazer could be a good warning, like a rattle snakes rattle, however the tazer might not be strong enough, or you may just have to get too close to your assailant. My favorite non- Deadly weapon? The retractable metal batton. Why? Because the far reaching potential. if you do decide to own a weapon. For the home I like my shot gun. nothing says I mean NO! like a click! click! In an attack. always keep your elbows in and your hands blocking your face and body. or keep your chin down to prevent a choke hold. use the strength of your legs, push up with your hips, to get him off balance, and roll over – then slap the groin & run! like I said taking classes will help you hone your skills. Sherri B. Walsh Local prosecutor. told us about her experience, she was attacked at her car by a serial rapist, she was #11 of 13, and she screamed LOUD! She kept fighting, screaming, wiggling out of his hold, and was able to brake loose and run. She said “always-always-keep screaming, keep fighting, don’t let them take you anywhere, and avoid their vehicle. Rapist want an easy prey.”, This is true in many cases. these people are cowards! if someone grabs you, grab their fingers, twist around, lock the joints of their arm, and you can push them away, push them into a wall & run! again joining a class will help you clean your skills and regain your power! Michelle McMaster

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