Sometimes You may Feel Alone.

Sometimes you may feel alone, as If there is no one with you. As a survivor the nights can become the most darkest moments of your life, your fears and panic attacks will always try to break you down, But remember behind every moments of struggle there is always a sweet story of success . Learning to live and enjoying the present moments of life can be a tough choice for a survivor but not impossible. Let the rain of wisdom and independence slowly touch you. Don’t close yourself down you have done nothing wrong . Open the windows let the breeze blow you away in the wonders of a life full of happiness, A life where you can spread your arms like a bird in the rain, a life where the rain drop sprinkle on your face and make you realize you survived  you are alive and you are living again. These moments can never be taken away from you, these moments are yours, smile tonight because you have a reason to smile you are alive and you are awesome  The moments of your past can never stop you from walking on the steps of a beautiful future. Enjoy the rain of freedom  enjoy the rain because you are a survivor ♥~ vic

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