The Most Beautiful Morning.

The most beautiful morning is the morning that arrives after a dark night.  The most beautiful sunshine is the sunshine after the heavy showers.  The most beautiful rainfall is the rains after the drought.  The most beautiful rose is the rose that survives the storm, with drops of water in its beautiful petals.  Reminding us that though surviving was hard but that made her beautiful Our life is same  you are the beautiful red rose with the drops of tears on your beautiful petal like eyes. Somewhere your tears are responsible for bringing the best out of you  you have become beautiful and unbreakable today  you are more strong and more passionate because now you realize the dark night is standing on its edge and a new beautiful dawn is about to rise  You have a reason to smile today because you know the taste of tears  you have a reason to be happy today because you know the taste of sadness you have a reason to survive with pride and self respect because you are not a victim anymore.  Past has given you your share of pains  but the fire of the past has constructed you and re shaped you into this beautiful person today.  Keep smiling because you are too much beautiful inside out.  You are special and you are beautiful the way you are 

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