You are Special!

This universe knows how special you are

Don’t try to be someone else when you are already unique in yourself.  You don’t need to be someone and be lost in the crowd, but you can shine with your own light your own light will make you luminous to all the darkness in life.  You Don’t need to be perfect to be special in yourself.  No one is actually perfect in this world, you might have yellow teeth large eyes short hairs and plenty of pimples and dark spots in your face but you are still special in yourself.  If you try to be like someone else you will lose your own beauty in that.  Look at the night sky the stars though they are small but they shine with their own light but moon though its large and gains more attraction has nothing of its own, and slowly it loses its shine with passing days because these small stars they shine forever with their own light and make the darkest night sky look beautiful  Someone is always thinking about you because your shine has made their life more bright and beautiful  I know sometimes it’s too hard to realize how special and unique you are  but whenever you feel like you are losing yourself in this crowd remember That you were a part of this post because you are beautiful and special to read this  You are special don’t lose your light you are here for a reason and you are been made this way also for a reason  If life hangs around.
From the skies and clouds to the outer space so, so far 
this universe cheers for you they know how special you are, 
From the drops of rains that falls on the ground. 
From the beautiful fragrance that makes life beautiful all around. 
from the core of the earth to the depth of the star!So smile girl because you are the bright star 

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