Who are your safe people?

Yes, It’s hard knowing who is safe. This takes time to know someone, and even if we think we know them they may not have the best intentions. Just like you, others are good at hiding their true self. So how do you know if they are safe?

Safe people are the ones that bring you up. complement you, encourage you to do what is right. People who won’t let you say anything negative about your self. These are your best cheerleaders!

Another sign of a safe person is that they tell us the truth kindly, and in a way we understand.

We may not have many good friends; they are hard to come by. However, they are out there, and one way to get them is to be a good friend your self. Be someone’s best cheerleader, and you can build each other up. Remember family is for life, doctors you can fire. However, friends one must work to keep. Even then, we can grow apart.

If this happens, don’t be sad. remember, that it happens and it will just open the door to new loving people. And above all, else. Learn the lessons people of our lives teach.
Once we list our safe people of doctors family and friend keep them close. This way you know who to share your feelings with, with out ridicule.

We also need this strong support system to help keep us from toxic people. what we are going through IS rough and instead of depending on one person spread your misery out, so that we ourselves don’t turn toxic.

This is were trained professionals, family, and friends come in. All can help you, just remember friends and family need to recharge too. list these people! Praise them and let them rest. And most of all you owe them to improve.

When you list you’re safe people write out their best qualities and what they can help you with the most.

Person, Quality, Helping quality.

Mom, strength , Mentor….. Etc.

Friend 1: Diva, relationships problems

friend 2: relentlessness, Fun Distractions

Doc 1: psychiatrist: Head Meds (and wow he’s cute) This helps me look at attractive people in the eye. 🙂

Doc 2: Primary care physician: For all referrals. Expect them to send you to specialist.

My Husband: motivator, battle buddy, the one that makes me shine so bright.

Once this is done and we identify the safe persons best helping quality. We can not only know were to go for help, but also who has the best quality to help for the situation.

Michelle McMaster

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