Carry a Mirror and Take Care of Yourself.


One can’t help or take care of anyone properly, if they can’t help themselves first. Make a plan, start a routine.  Take on less responsibilities, until better Circumstances. Remember, some people, or situations must wait until you can properly preform.   take care of ones appearance and hygiene.  Lastly, don’t give of yourself if you can’t afford it.

List your activities for your day and week. then start a routine. Grab a calendar and make a plan. wright all activities and than decide when to eat, shower, etc. Once your routine is consent anxiety can go down.

One must take brakes. If that means delegating some tasks to trusted people so be it. The body, will protect the heart first than the legs and hands. protect your self mentally With proper nutrition, sleep and healthy relationships, and activities. Every time one has a brake down, the brains pathways can change Making our fight or flight response go off when there is no need. Create a support system of family friends and doctors to lighten ones load.

look good to counter act a bad mood. I learned to carry a mirror. The mirror gave me a gauge through the day on how well I looked. At times the mirror made me feel more confident. however, the more I kept up with my appearance the more confidence grew. People respond in a more positive way when they not only see you look well, but also by ones tells. Like the card game poker, the way you feel can translate into ones own appearance and vice versa. Also smile? this will release small amounts of happy hormones.

How to start to take care of oneself.

Poor Oral health can kill, gingivitis, and other oral health diseases are contagious. Get in the routine Of brushing your teeth at night and in the morning. Flossing first, brush in and up and down motion, or even a small circle motion. Lastly, use mouth rinse. Rotten teeth an cause heart and lung problems. And don’t forget to brush your tongue harry tongue: Treatment/ tongue lozenges that are antibiotics. prevention: brush the tongue!


Shower at least once a day. The bacteria staph will live everywhere. in the dirt, and on your skin. washing prevents infection. Hygiene is Important. I was told by a hair stylist that washing ones hair can make the hair become too dry. in a perfect situation the body needs cleaned At least once a day, however hair can go every other day.

As my Drill Sargent Said, ” use a wash cloth not just your hands to wash your goat smellier. you’re not going to get flipping clean.”

Note: in the army the standard of hygiene are different for women and men.  The max days women are allowed to abstain from a shower are 3 days.  Men can go a month before chance of infection. Please know showering every day is recommended.


Please realize this: You can’t take care of someone if you can’t take care of yourself! This means if you are new to recovery; you need to ask questions; and try to listen to answers. Go ahead and give of yourself of what you can.  just know you may burn out faster until you have healed more.

Michelle McMaster

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