Write, right! With all your Might.


Expressing your self through art/writing was a very important part of my healing. All of the feelings I had I would put to poetry. Now; be careful: Don’t get in a rut just writing your ‘sad’ poetry. Try to write inspirational poems; or love poems… even if you are far from those feelings. It may feel weird at first; but soon you will feel happier. With art; choose happy pictures of peace and joy. Feel the joy when you paint or draw and let it transfer to the paper; and soon it will begin to transfer to your life.

This is a poem I wrote I did not feel this way at the time:

Coo as Me

Street lights are the stars tonight

breeze blows my hair just right

for ware ever I may go the only thing that shows

is my style my car and my mojo.

the rythem of my car sedates me

as I turn left

on Mortor State street.

the click click click of the arrow color teal

complement the tick tick tick of the keys on my steering wheal

green means go read means stop

as I cruse by my friends their jaws all drop

because my ride is the high ride as we all can see

too bad not everyone could be as

coo as me.

There is also free righting you just jot down all the words your feeling. words phrases anything that comes to mind. I used all f words felt harsh at the time.
In my journals I always try to collect the good memories for that’s what life is all about. If it’s a negative feeling I will put it in poetry. to hid the true meanings.
righting letters to your attacker, your self , family, friends, doc’s everyone can help you express your feelings in a safe and methodical way. these letters can be positive or negative, meaning you can wright thank you notes, or fuck you notes. just careful in sending the fuck you notes/ could get you into trouble. 3:)

Make a gratitude book. It’s a book of good in your life. If you must vent about the bad try to verbalize that, but only right things you want to remember or come true. this will be a book 30 years from now that you would like to read. my first journal I read now, and hate that it’s all bad! so I try to wright about good memories. It’s more fun to read!

this is another positive writing activity. Wright down all the people in your life and wright the positive aspects of them. even for you enemies! yes their list will be shorter but if you concentrate on the good you will see it more. Know some people do not deserve your time. But this exercise is for your healing not theirs!

Michelle McMaster

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