Being on red alert


When you’re on red alert your brain feels as if it’s going hay wire. Thoughts, nightmares and low energy may inundate,and overwhelm you at this time. this is like having your coolant drain from your race car and you’ve just got done driving in the Indianapolis 500. Your on red alert, and it’s time to take a brake, assess the damage and work on healing. If you broke a leg no one should expect you to walk on it 10min’s after. this maybe harder for men to do, However it’s a huge task for anyone! This must be done to ensure the health, and well being of you and yours.

to help you out wright down some responsibilities that you have,
Work, financial, friends family home, parenting,myself, partner, and community. Now, be specific about each task in each category
Example: Self: brush teeth. Than rate these responsibilities and figure out what is truly important,
Example: Once a week whether I need it or not. lol
Also ask, Who can I delegate some of my responsibilities to in my time of recovery? Many survivors feel a overblown sense of responsibility. And over loading yourself is never good. Take a brake, and see if you can’t delegate more in your life, supervise some aspects so that you can concentrate on the difficult task of healing.

Michelle McMaster

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