Fire Starter



If One’s a collector of memories like me, we have collected objects from our past that remind us of bad times. Displaying pictures of people that make you upset, or keeping the consert shirt, are a constant reminder of painful memories. Get this stuff out of your life! collect those painful memories and BURN them! It reminds me of a serial killer collecting mementos. Becoming masochist, we save painful events. even display them. Why do we do this? We all may have different answers. My reasoning? I needed to prove it was real and the attacks hurt. Too many questioned me, My pain only lasted longer due to feelings not being validated.  something around that only upsets? It’s up to you on how to burn these poisonous memories. You can get your friends in on it or peacefully alone. However you do this, I recommend you putting in your spirituality in this. Pray to god to relive the hold the past has on you. Here is an example of one fire starter party.

Invite only close friends, who need help too. Start the fire and place salt around the fire to keep the burning memories in the fire. Have each person explain their memory than rip it up ( if possible ) and through it in to the fire saying ‘m letting y go and I’m giving you to god. each person does this until all memories are burned. You can seal the memories by burning tobacco in the fire. (Native American spirituality) than… one can have smores and create good memories. Thus giving a small gift to all participants at the end creates a new memories to reminds in place hateful memories.

Michelle McMaster

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