Say It! Naming the abuser


This task may be hard for us to do, but this can be healing. By naming your abuser you can free yourself just a little. Let go of some fear just a little. Maybe the name has never been named out loud. This is not Harry Potter (the fictional children’s book) That person or people can not sence you. let your one who shall not be named, be named. This is your chance call them out and tell them off! this is your chance to say what you feel. with all your might scream your insults! Find a safe place to do this like an empty house, or a car. you are now in power, and no one will steal your voice there. Maybe throw Ice. I love how it smashes and it’s easy clean up. this is what I yelled:

The name’s of my abusers are Eric, Eric, and Lisa I’ve had years of healing, and I have become a better person in spite of the hell you all put me through. I will not let your names have a hold of me any longer. Dam you bastards for terrorizing me! you are all so sick and sad. I piss on you and your little dog too!

Michelle McMaster

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