Attacking your panic attacks, before your panic attacks you.

Your heart beats out of control or you feel like jumping out of your skin. The fear can be paralyzing. Panic attacks and anxiety can pop up at anytime throughout the day. Being triggered can be so easy. And it’s hard not to be triggered when you wound is still fresh. Do you have a plan when a panic attack occurs? Answer these questions and feel free to share your answers it may help someone.
1. When I feel anxious I usually__________________________________
2. Right before I have an anxiety attack I notice______________________
3. What triggers me?___________________________________________
4. How can I calm myself down during a panic attack?________________
5. What won’t you do?_________________________________________

Having a plan will make you more prepared for the obstacle of a panic attack, and with your plan you will concur you fear and anxiety! this task is hard to master but you can do this shit! you must feel the anxiety recognize it and calm your self down with breathing and grounding skills.
Long breaths in and out will help control your heart rate, while feeling something cold can put you in the present. remember to breath, concentrate on the panic and feeling it and getting used to it while visualizing your self as strong and reminding your self your safe. observe your anxiety recognize were it comes from. And beat the shit out of it in your head visualize your self having a battle were you will always win. practice this exercise before you go out into the world. this will help make this skill second nature. soon with practice you will be able to attack your panic attacks.

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