Victory Party


Victory parties are a great way to lessen the blow of the day you were attacked. The day that you were attacked can stay in your mind forever, but all that matters is that you have survived another year and are getting healthier by the day! try not to put so much importance on dates. Forget them if you can. However, if you can’t, throw a victory party.
a victory party is a celebration of life with your close friends and family. I’m lucky enough to have it fall on Halloween and mothers day. Having a celebration and hanging out with friends help keep my mind at ease on those dates. Have a victory party on your day. Invite friends and family over and just enjoy life and their company. They don’t even have to know why your celebrating. Make it your own holiday. the screw you and your little dog too day! LOL make it a positive day.

Michelle McMaster

2 thoughts on “Victory Party”

  1. For the first time in 11 years, this year i made sure i did something to make it a happy memory. Every other year i have sat there and dwelled on the past but my aunt came up with the idea that every year we should get together ( she lives 400 miles away) and do something fun and create happy memories for these dates. So great thought!!!

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