Learn to live!

Controlling your thoughts are the best skill to learn to make you happy!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6pDdHxARkc]have you ever wondered why your life is so bad? This may be hard to swallow but you may have attracted it. I’m not saying that what people do to you is your fault or that you deserve negative treatment. I’m just saying negative energy attracts negative energy and positive thoughts create positive actions. This is a vary uplifting powerful Movie!

this is the second chapter to the secret. this will explain more and involve all religions in a way that is uplifting and educational.

This wonderful clip shows the power of thought! How powerful we all can be, with in our mind. this explains more about how thought can change matter out side your brain. your thought effect more than you know. so try to keep them positive.

Michelle McMaster

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