Mind, Body, Soul, Meditation

Let your mind drift off to some soothing sounds! The world is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you deal with it.  keep strong and learn how to be vonorable again so you can always experience LOVE.  In my darkest times when I had love I was able to recover quicker.  when in love I would dress better keep my self up, and I was more content. when you let your mind drift think of the ones that you love.  who pulls you up when you are down? as you drift through your subconsciousness remember smiling faces warm embraces and all of the important influences to you. never for get the good times.  I was told by a wise man that life was about collecting good memories.  and remember them at your darkest time.

Meditation is a discipline of the mind that involves concentration. This improves your mind set. If done right ailments such as high blood pressure, anxiety, even pain can be helped or even cured. If this is practiced right you can do amazing feats to improve your life. Masters of this craft have used it to slow there hart rate, withstand cold, hunger, and just life. Some believe in astro-planning. this is a way of visiting people through your thoughts. Visiting places you have nave seen, or would love to go again. these are peaceful journeys we can take in our minds to escape. However you do it, what ever you do it for, the basic Idea is to relax and close your eyes and while controlling your breathing let go of you body, and mind. with practice, it becomes easier.

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